SRSNLC’s bowling tournament.
Annual Special Rec Bowling Tourney
Last Saturday, March 4th was the annual Special Recreation Association of Central Lake County (SRACLC) bowling tournament at the Brunswick Zone.  Ted and Pat Stanulis and Al and Diane Oller were on hand to volunteer their time and supervise teams as the participants bowled for high series trophies and spirit awards.  When the bowling concluded, everyone got pizza and soft drinks.  Teddy was also on hand she took pictures and made sure everyone had a great time.  Me?  Heck, I spaced the whole event out this year and didn’t get there until the bowling was well under way.   
Over the years, many of us who have volunteered at this event really have developed an affinity for the young people and it is always fun to see them every March.  They try hard, love life, and could teach us all a lesson or two in how to treat our fellow human beings.